Exact time full moon meditation: ZOOM GATHERING 6/5

Meet online at 12:40 pm Mountain Time Friday, June 5, in time for the exact moment meditation at 1:12 pm. Contact Francis Donald at oeaohoo17 at gmail.com for the meeting link.

Every full moon, we gather in the virtual Meditation Temple (through Zoom) 30-40 minutes before the exact moment to settle ourselves, and hear Francis Donald share something of the significance of that particular full moon via astrological influences and the wisdom from Djwal Kuhl via the Alice Bailey books. We then be still, or meditate.

This Gemini full moon is the culminating Festival and honors the Christ and the Principle of Unification. It celebrates humanity’s potential to resolve duality and for goodwill to flourish. Today unification is more needed than ever, for the entire human family is split on the rock of duality. Either the personality is dual and therefore unmanageable, or groups and nations are divided into opposing camps, and again duality emerges in intense dynamic difficulty. As women and men of goodwill become increasingly unified, the energy of the higher spiritual counterpart to goodwill, the will-to-good, makes itself felt. This follows the law that the lesser invokes the greater. Higher factors are evoked and respond according to the measure of understanding and dynamic tension displayed by those who invoke – and this in a nutshell is the esoteric impulse behind the Gemini Festival. It also falls upon the annual World Invocation Day, when we are encouragd to do all we can to promote the widest possible use of the Great Invocation.

At the moment of the fullness, the Great Invocation is silently said. We remain together 10-30 minutes following the exact moment.