Path of Love

Weekly Meditations

Sunday            8 am            Herman Rednick lesson and meditation. Contact Hilece or Michael at (575) 586-1454

Monthly       Meditation and discussion with Hilece Rose. Contact Hilece for details at (575) 586-1454


Classes on the Alice Bailey Books

Sunday            11 am          The Alice Bailey Study Group meets with the intent to shed light on the teachings of the Tibetan Djwahl Khul, a Master who worked with Alice Bailey from 1922 through 1949.

We are currently reading and discussing Esoteric Psychology I. All are welcome to join us! Please contact Francis at oeahoo (at) for each week's meeting location or more details.


Kagyu Buddhist Practices

Weekly Practices 

Tuesday      4 pm Chenrezig Practice. All are welcome. For location, contact Olga at (575) 586-1055 or Mary Rose at mcrose (at)

Friday         7 am Green Tara Practice. All are welcome. Contact Gabrielle to confirm, at (575) 586-1038.



Earth Journey hosts independent personal retreats as well as small self-contained group retreats. We supply the space and you bring your own support. Please inquire on our Contact page above for more details and information.

FEEDBACK after Retreats:                  

Dear Earth Journeyers,    

The ten retreatants now share a precious memory of a rare occurrence - like a star in the daytime - that took place here in the past week.  Much greater than the sum of its parts, we can only attribute its special qualities to your four decades of faith, devotion, and diligent joyous effort. Ten hearts thank you for the generous sharing of the Earth Journey space.  

With Gratitude - Yidam Retreatants, September, 2015