It was an Inspiring Memorial Gathering

The 34th annual Herman Rednick Memorial gathering happened this past Sunday, April 14. Enjoy some of the lessons here, and peruse pictures of the event and community potluck afterward. Hope you might join us for an upcoming event, personal retreat, or next year’s memorial!

(There is also a Lorien Commune 50th anniversary gathering coming up July 27, by the way. Contact Maria for more info.)

LESSONS FOLLOW that Jane Lipman gave at the Memorial. They were read aloud in our gathering, always by both a male and female reader.

These lessons are from Herman’s book of mystical experiences, The Hidden Door to Reality.

She also shared the painting “The Spirit of the Rose” which you can see with the other photos.

p. 137
Cosmic Art

Cosmic art is spirit–it is the language of the gods. It is the pathway to the mystery of life and death. Cosmic art is the breath of the world, it is the beginning and the end, it is the gate to the higher worlds. Cosmic art is the key to man, it is the key to Nature, it is the key to things visible and invisible.

Cosmic art leads to the supreme moment in life, an experience we bring out of the vast unknown–when we blend our being with the cosmos and identify ourselves as we walk the road of life across this material planet. Cosmic art brings the heart, mind, and body under the rays of the cosmic forces, giving the experience of pure joy, of spiritual light, and universal life, a life that is beyond time or space.

p. 121

Initiation into the mysteries of Nature is the union of the mind and heart with the forces of the cosmos. The union of the soul with the Universal Soul causes the body to weaken its hold upon the mind. The mind is free to explore realms beyond time and space.

The gate of the heart is opened. The seven mystic eyes of the body are opened to the sacred truths that are closed to the mortal eye. Man’s vision becomes keen and broad. He becomes detached from the small circles of intolerance and self and merges with the infinite circle of the cosmic Intelligence. His body is not a vehicle for pleasure and selfish actions, but is a sacred instrument for the great forces of the universe that work for the good of humanity.

p. 92
The Inner Temple

When I gained sufficient understanding, I was lifted above the material plane of vibration, and I found myself in a Temple of spirit, made without hands, in the realm of a higher world. No pride or self existed there, or sense of competition, but an intense feeling of brotherhood, which united every person present with a sense of love and reverence toward each other, and which I have never beheld in another world.

In this state of unit and love, what great wisdom came into our circle! What new realms of understanding were opened because we were perfectly attuned in love and reverence toward each other. Each shared the other’s thoughts without saying a word. Understanding flowed from heart to heart in a rhythm that an only be attained in spirit.

The truths taught here are too sacred for any mortal lips to utter. The truths are embedded deep in the heart of every one present like so many precious jewels.

And when we returned to our mortal bodies of flesh, what a divine radiance we brought back–not to keep, but to radiate for the good of our fellow men.

As a mantra, Jane offered this from mystic poet Alfred K. LaMotte:

Are you not
the silent radiance
you’ve been praying to?