Art: the Language of the Gods*


by Herman Rednick


In a series of deep meditations, Herman Rednick projects his consciousness and visits in spirit with artists of other times and places. He explores the meaning and purpose of art with painters and sculptors of Africa and of ancient Greece, China, India, and Egypt. He continues this discussion also with the Old Masters of Europe and reflects upon modern art.

“Spiritual art is a dual expression spirit and from…When the artist has awakened the spirit within, he has the power to express an artistic form that is alive with spiritual fire.” —from the preface

Originally published as The Spiritual Principle In Art (1978)

148 pages, paperback
Open Door Publishing (republished in 2008)
ISBN-10: 0942184068
ISBN-13: 978-0942184068

Features 44 black-and-white illustrations of artwork by Herman Rednick

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