The Very First! Herman Student Reunion, Weekend of July 29-30

 A Summer Reunion of all Herman Rednick Students and their Children

You are invited to share a day or two with those of us who were drawn together around Herman Rednick in the 1970s and 1980s.


Whether or not you consider Herman your teacher, Saturday will be a social day celebrating the rare opportunity we have to get together again after decades, renew friendships, compare our lives from our youthful aspirations, and to also share our children and their children! Bring your kids and their kids!

Saturday will be purely secular, no spiritual focus.

We are planning the gathering in the early afternoon any time after 1 pm for games and socializing. Pottluck around 4 pm into the evening, with games to follow and music around the campfire.

There will be music by several musicians. Jonathan Hutchison will be the contact person for music. If you would like to participate with music, get in touch with him (

We are, of course, planning the usual pot luck extraordinaire – bring a dish and a drink! There will be the traditional volleyball game next to Maria’s house at 12 Quintana Road, face painting for kids and anyone interested, as well as a gathering around the campfire.

Louise Rose had planned to present a compilation of old photos of our times together, or photos of those who have gone beyond, to add to her photo display board, but has had to cancel. We will still set up a table, so bring your photos and we will honor those who have gone before us.


If you want to stay overnight, Sunday will be a day of community retreat. Our
Sunday retreat will be a dip into what Herman students have been evolving into over time, in their individual spiritual practices.

Maria, Gabrielle, and Hilece will open the Retreat with the early morning Meditation at 8 am at the Meditation Temple. We will have our usual Sunday meditation class which lasts until 9:30. We will speak about this area, why so many have recognized its spiritual potential, and why it remains a potent focal point.

Our presentations will begin at 9:30 am, and there will be a comfortable time allotted for lunch. Please bring a sack lunch. NOTE: Vegetarian box lunches will be available to order.

Charles Dillon ‘THE CAVE OF THE HEART’
We will explore ‘the sum total of your being, and the creative center of your universe’ and we will see what we discover!

The Trickster and Synchronicity in Love, Transformation and the Arts

Psyche as trickster gets us to deal with material we might not be eager to face, such as trauma, unfinished business, or a deeper layer of life or art…perhaps a leap of consciousness… or all of those.


Anna and Steve Racicot ‘DREAM, THAT’S THE THING TO DO’ (Dr. John)
In the first part of our workshop, we will offer at least two methods for discovering meaning in your dreams and then we will work a dream or two. Please bring a dream! In the second part of this workshop we will present ways to become lucid in dreams and suggest how to use lucid dreams for seeking spirit, for healing, and for fun. Expect an experiential component!

Let’s take some time to share and reflect on how our journey … whether spiritual or secular or both … has been shaped and evolved from the early days we all shared together. Were there “apocalyptic” moments? Or did our lives and our paths unfold in a more gradual way? There are, of course, no right or wrong answers. nor good or bad ways. The joy is the journey. Let’s just take a little time and share that joy!

At the right moment, Francis Donald will perform his stand-up comedy routine, “Late Night with Djwahl Khul.” It’s all about the humor in walking the spiritual path! It will be held in Maria’s new studio, at 12 Quintana Road.

A more detailed program for the day will be available at the early morning Sunday meditation. Join us for the whole weekend, or the part you feel most comfortable participating in.

PLEASE RSVP for which days you will attend to Maria, so we can anticipate who will come and how many, in order to order tents, chairs, port-a-potties, etc!! Also let her know if you will pre-order a vegetarian box lunch; otherwise be sure to bring a lunch for Sunday.

Contact Maria as well for parking details, and any other questions.



From the main (and only) Questa traffic light, go 7 mi north on highway 522

Turn right towards the mountains on El Rito Rd

Go one mile; it then turns left and becomes Quintana Rd

Turn left a few driveways later, where a wooden sign is posted that reads “Meditation Temple”

At the entrance of the driveway will be a sign, ‘REUNION!’ My driveway is marked “Oasis of Lorien” #12 once you drive down a bit, just after the turnoff to the Meditation Temple.

Please forward this announcement to other students and their children who may not know about it.
Hope to see you ALL!!
Maria Mikhailas
and the Earth Journey Community

 Herman, Hilece, Eric, Steve
Herman, Hilece, Eric, Steve