monlam retreat july 8-9-10

Dear friends, With great joy we announce a 3-day retreat, Friday through Sunday, July 8-10, of Buddhist Monlam prayers—aspirations for world peace and to remove obstacles troubling our planet and her beings.   Lama Chopal will lead us. We’ll sit in the shaded area outside the stupa and chant in both Tibetan and English for … Read more

Lama Chopal

Lama Chopal has returned from a period on the east coast where he led the creation of a sand mandala of the Healing Buddha. We are glad to have him again leading practices, and fire puja––the smoke offering for purification and aspiration to bless all beings. We are thrilled to announce a Mon Lam retreat—prayers … Read more

Tibetan buddhist PRACTICE TIMES

Green Tara practice time changed to Mondays 11 am, hoping to meet outside the stupa if weather is good. If you wish to attend by Zoom, let Vicki know the day before, and we can meet at Herman’s with internet. Contact her through our Contact page. MONDAYS: Green Tara at 11 am FRIDAYS: Chenrezig at … Read more