Let Them: The Story of a Tibetan Buddhist Monk


Let Them
The Story of a Tibetan Buddhist Monk

by Alice E. Herter


Alice E. Herter, a close student of Herman Rednick, has written this story of the life of Lama Karma Dorje, who built our stupa with us, recognized Herman as an authentic teacher, and taught any who wished, the compassionate methods of Tibetan Buddhism.
From Alice:
Let Them is the story of a humble Tibetan monk who left his quiet contemplative life in the Himalayan mountains to come to the West. He provided guidance and direction to hundreds of people. He refused no one—Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Hindu Muslim—these distinctions did not matter. He didn’t judge; he listened. And he offered advice. Still alive today at 90 years of age, his story will touch your heart and awaken your soul.
230 pages, paperback
Publisher: Bowker (March 7, 2023)
ISBN-13: 979-8-9875888-0-2

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