The Path of Christ


The Mystical Teachings of Herman Rednick

by Robert Van Arsdale


From the introduction

This book is about the teachings of …a Mystic and Initiate, who was not a public figure, who lived in a fringe area of mountains and desert, and who not once gave any seminar or lecture to a public audience. Thus, few people have ever heard of this teacher … He did not publish a book until he was 76 years old, and thus, knowledge of him was through direct, personal contact. His name was Herman Rednick, he was born in 1902, in Philadelphia, PA, and he died in Taos, NM, in 1985. He was an artist, a painter, who had lived in Taos, New Mexico for 36 years, and it was only in the last fifteen years of his life that he had a small group of students — I am one of them! I met Herman in 1968, even before he had gathered a group about him, and through a series of unexpectable events it has fallen to me to present here his mystical teachings.

This is the only book that presents a systematic and detailed account of Herman Rednick’s teachings.

526 pages, paperback
Open Door Publishing (January 13, 2010)
ISBN-10: 0942184114
ISBN-13: 978-0942184112

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