Lama Lodu in Questa & Tres Orejas


We at KMGS sangha, north of Questa New Mexico, are very happy to announce our treasured annual visit, in November, from Venerable Lama Lodu, long-time resident lama at the KDK, the Kagyu Buddhist center in San Francisco. While in New Mexico, he will teach at KSK in Santa Fe, across the gorge at KDC in Tres Orejas, and here.

The two centers, Questa and Tres Orejas, got together and coordinated the teaching subjects we requested from Lama, to increase our opportunity to enter more deeply into them. We requested to learn more of the practices for dying–for helping others and ourselves, before, during, and after this great adventure.

So many of us have lost loved ones in the last few years, and are also realizing the truth of our own mortal and precious lives. A wholehearted desire for these teachings seems to abound.

With Lama Lodu’s visit in Tres Orejas and Questa, there will be 3 offerings of wisdom to partake of:

  • A public talk on preparing for death, open to any and all.
  • An empowerment (Amitabha):
    • with the intent to make use of the short practice/prayers connected with it, (short Sukhavati).
    • This session requires you to have taken refuge, or to take it now, with Lama Lodu. Please contact me about his important piece, if you need refuge.
  • teaching on Amitabha:
    • explaining about this Buddha and his qualities, how to do the practice (simple), and what it means for approaching death with awareness.

Here is the schedule:

(For KSK Santa Fe’s teachings, Friday-Sunday, Nov. 15-17, go to

At KDC Tres Orejas

Monday  Nov. 18th  6:30 PM  at the center’s gompa   talk: Preparing for Death       

for more information contact Ken,

At KMGS north of Questa, (El Rito)

Tuesday  Nov. 19th  7PM   Herman Rednick House   Amitabha empowerment (refuge required*)

Wednesday  Nov. 20th  7PM   Herman Rednick House   Amitabha teaching, and practice instructions

*if you need refuge, please contact Gabrielle.                            

The requested donation for each session at Tres Orejas or Questa is $15, which goes directly to Lama. No one is turned away for lack of funds, though whatever you can give helps our centers to bring such teachers to us all. As is traditional, there will also be the opportunity to offer Lama an individual donation (of any amount), with a kata, thus making a connection with him and expressing gratitude.

To give you a little more context, Amitabha is the Buddha of Infinite Light, and his practice aids people through the passage after death, and prepares us also, for keeping the highest focus when we make that transition out of form and move through the after-death states. When he was a Bodhisattva, on his way to complete Buddhahood, Amitabha made a vow that when he attained his realization, he would create a pure land of such ease of attainment, that beings who didn’t have the opportunity to do extensive or elaborate practice during their lives would be able to come directly to this realm and to him, after their death, by simply remembering his name with devotion and intensity. From his land of Dewachen, a being is more able to continue developing and to help other beings. Amitabha is the aspect of the Buddha mind connected with compassion, and is related to Chenrezig, the Lord of Love, about whom Lama Lodu taught on his last visit.

To give you a little more about Lama Lodu, go here:

For questions, more information, directions, please feel free to contact me, or for more on the Tres Orejas session, contact Ken (

I hope to see you in November. Blessings until then.




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  1. cool! just lovely. i love how the basic info is on the opening page and more details here. Seems like magic, yet it is great skill, and kindness that made this site come to be in its mature form, after david gave his all to start it off so long ago!
    thanks to mj, mm, dr!

  2. Oh , gosh me dears, so late at night here and my first real chance to look at this and who should have posted but you two precious ones – so much gratitude to Minjae and I had to try the ‘like’ and that was fun!!! everymuch love and gratitude to all – Hilece

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