Sunday April 16: Herman Rednick Memorial Gathering

“…a holy vehicle and a focal point for divine love and spiritual fire.”
–  from Living in the Presence, by Herman Rednick

8 am

You are warmly invited to attend the Sunday morning Meditation Gathering and Lesson at 8am in the Meditation Temple

11 am

The Herman Rednick Memorial Gathering formally begins at 11 am and lasts until 12:30 at the Meditation Temple. You are invited to share a brief, 2-3 minute reflection on the theme of personal transformation, drawn from a particularly memorable encounter with our teacher, exposure to his paintings, poetry or teachings, or resulting from an experience as part of this community of disciples.

1:15 pm

A potluck lunch begins at 1:15pm at the Herman Rednick Center (Herman’s House/Studio) at 40 Lorien Road. Come sooner to set up with your offering and help arrange chairs!

2:15 pm

After our feasting, our special guest  Francis Donald will offer a stand-up comedy show, “Late Night with Djwhal Khul” at about  2:15. You will not want to miss this if you need some levity to lighten up your spiritual seriousness!