“…a holy vehicle and a focal point for divine love and spiritual fire.”
–  from Living in the Presence, by Herman Rednick

We are truly beginning to manifest a vision held by Earth Journey for decades. Please come and celebrate the foundation of our mission through remembrance and communion with students of Herman Rednick during this annual gathering. This year’s theme:

Flowering of the Path of Love and Service

8 AM

You are warmly invited to attend the Sunday morning Meditation Gathering and Lesson at 8 am in the Meditation Temple

11 AM

The Herman Rednick Memorial Service  begins at 11 am and lasts until 12:30 at the Meditation Temple. You are welcome to bring an offering of one or many flowers (vases will be ready)–as a celebration and symbol of our budding/flowering in all the colors, shapes, and styles that each of us is on the path in these years of such world need!

1:15 PM

A potluck lunch begins at 1:15 pm at the Herman Rednick Center (Herman’s House/Studio) at 40 Lorien Road. ALL ARE WELCOME.