Dr. Fred cooper offers two october teachings: oct 9 & 16

Earth Journey and Herman Rednick Trust are happy to present Dr. Fred Cooper for a teaching via Zoom on Friday October 9 and Friday Oct 16 from 10 am – noon and 1 – 3 pm (on the 16th it may be later – please check with us) each day. Attendees must have taken refuge and have some stability in shamatha.

The first class on October 9 will be on the Five Buddha Families as taught in the prayer of Samantabhadra and from the Liberation by Hearing in the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

The second class on October 16 will be a transmitting of the Special Shamatha-Vipassana-Mahamudra-Phowa practice of Kalu Rinpoche, based on the teachings on the Five Buddha Families and the experience just before and during the bardo.

Contact Hilece Rose if you want to attend and she can then send you the Zoom link, as well as some reading materials beforehand. Contact her by calling (575) 586-1454; or hilece.r@gmail.com

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