Lama Chopal

Lama Chopal has returned from a period on the east coast where he led the creation of a sand mandala of the Healing Buddha. We are glad to have him again leading practices, and fire puja––the smoke offering for purification and aspiration to bless all beings.

We are thrilled to announce a Mon Lam retreat—prayers for world peace–outdoors at the Stupa, to take place the second weekend in July. Lama Chopal will lead us in fire puja ceremonies, flag raising, two-and-a-half days of chanting prayer sessions, and conclude with a community potluck celebration and music from local musicians. This coming together of those who wish to share in the prayers (all are welcome) and of friends and neighbors will be wonderful, and we are already preparing for this outflow of deepest good wishes. We’ll let you know the dates and schedule in a forthcoming announcement. Contact if you want to know more, at